Fruit Friday: Lulo

Welcome to another installment of Fruit Friday! I’m sorry this is so late, Syd has been under the weather lately (nothing too serious). This is her favorite juice so far. Lulo is actually derived from the Quechua word “lulum”, it is also known as Naranjilla (little orange), probably because of its orange color:

The inside of a Lulo as you can see, is green. The taste, well, it’s hard to describe. It definitely has a biting sourness, but it is rather sweet, maybe somewhere between passion fruit and pineapple.

Due to its sensitivity to frost, Lulo is really unknown outside tropical mountain environments. In juice form it is completely refreshing.


I have to say that Lulo has one of those memorable tastes that I often miss when I’m in the states.


Thanks for reading. Hopefully, once Syd is up and running again we’ll have more adventures to share.

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