Independence Day

dig that hat

Today, July 20th, is Colombian Independence day. (maybe summer is good rebellion season? July and August hold Independence days for India, Belgium, Belarus, Argentina, Laos, Malaysia, and Algeria just to name a few.)

We are not doing anything particularly exciting and the only evidence of the holiday is the apartment children clearly not at school and (thankfully) the downstairs neighbors not doing whatever weird construction it is they are working on all the time. It usually sounds like they are hammering in floorboards with tap shoes—haphazard erratic banging—or like they are trying to take down a wall using pickaxes.

We saw these people from our buseta yesterday (and oh was there so much busetaing D:) The colors of the flag stand for the gold found in the land, the sea on Colombia’s coast, and the blood spilled over gaining freedom. Alternatively the yellow is said to stand for the land and the sun.  The flag is very similar to that of Venezuela’s and Ecuador’s since all three were once incorporated in Spain’s Gran Colombia. Here is the national anthem, and here are the original lyrics and english translation.

I am sure there are festivities somewhere though, and of course it is always patriotic here to drink. Who knows, maybe the evening will liven up.


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2 Responses to Independence Day

  1. jessi says:

    I probably wasn’t paying attention the first time you said this.. but wtf is a buseta? What does it mean to have a lot of it? And is that a sad capital D face, or a smiley face that has something silly on its head? I can’t tell if busetaing is good or bad!?!

    • syd says:

      yeah geeze, who’s not listening now. A buseta is a little bus. So lots of busetaing is tiring (errands errands) and eats away at cash. don’t worry we’ll do another transportation post(yeaaah). It is a distraught smily yes…

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