Food Fest

To commemorate independence day I’ll be doing a massive food post. Last weekend we went to Sopó. For those of you interested in geography here is Sopó in relation to Bogotá:

It takes about 2 hours to get to Sopó. We drove up the mountains through La Calera and down again. Along the way we stopped to eat some delicacies.

Quite the swing.

Pork skin hanging from the ceiling and handmade arepas (corn patties) on the awesome stove.

(Hot damn! I’d like a bite out of dat.)

The real feast:

On the left are the little potatoes that I love so much, “papa criolla”, with a few sweet plantains mixed in. On the right plate is corn, sweet plantains, meat, chicken, fried pork skin, sausage, and morcilla. Morcilla is made with intestines and filled coagulated pork blood, rice and peas. The blood gives it that dark red color. I know it sounds “gross”, but I love morcilla, it has a particular taste that is hard to describe.  The green sauce is “ají” or spicy sauce (it’s not that spicy).

After the lunch break we arrived at our destination:

Alpina produces mainly delicious dairy products for Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. It was founded in 1958 by two Swiss immigrants. Their popular products include arequipe (dulce de leche), oatmeal drinks, cheese, milk, and juices.









Here is what the inside of this Cabaña (or glorified dairy/dessert/juice aisle) looks like:

They also claim to make a dessert that tastes like Colombia.

According to this dessert Colombia tastes like berries and cream. Hm.

They had other desserts, which you can buy and enjoy right outside with a view of the mountainside and some giant product models.


A pretty productive day I’d say. We also drove to Zipaquirá (see map), but that didn’t prove very successful. They tried to charge us 20.000 pesos for going inside their Salt Church, so we opted to drive around.

Happy Independence Day! Hope you enjoyed the long post.

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