Dandruff, you’re screwed

This post is another on colloquial expressions. Let’s start with caspa, literally dandruff. I used to be called this when I was young because I was (and still am) maldadosa or mischevious. Depending on the context it can used to describe someone as simply mischievous or downright mean like a douchebag. It makes sense, I mean dandruff is not really a desirable thing. You can also say someone is talking caspa to say they are talking smack and not telling the truth.

The other one is paila, literally a frying pan. It has the same meaning as ‘being screwed’ and used at the end of sentences. Example: You’d better hope there is a pedestrian bridge across this four-lane highway, if not, paila. I’d take a wild guess it could come from a longer expression like “into the frying pan” or something. You can also use it as an adjective for something done badly, like a paila essay, paint job, photoshop, etc.

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