ordinary life

mm, dinner of fried plantains with guacamole (oh man you should see the size of avocados here) and little potatoes. And mango juice for me (shout out to jessi, I know you love it). As is evident, we still do not have a table, but we did acquire these colorful dishes yesterday in the center (where you can find everything!)

Manu opted to drink some Colombiana, a soda made by the Coke company equivalent Postobon, that is described as a “cola champagne.” It kind of tastes like a weaker but sweeter orange soda to me.

Clearly I don’t drink enough champagne.


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3 Responses to ordinary life

  1. jessi says:

    someday you’ll listen to me when i speak. someday. in the meanwhile, i feel super cool getting an international shout out!! yaaaaay, now ship me some champagne.

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