Blessings of Death from a Hummingbird

I love food. I particularly like things made with either corn or plantains, in which case I have definitely come to the right country.

I also like bread, and like most countries but the US it would seem, Colombia has wonderful bakeries. When I think of bakeries in the US I think of places you go to buy a birthday cake or stale doughnuts that are most often incorporated into grocery stores, a sorry state of affairs under florescent lights. Here I can hardly walk a block without smelling wonderful fresh things laying in wait to lure me into some panaderia, and once you step in there is no escape! You see big roll things (pictured above) filled with figs and dulce de leche, plaintain bread, a sort of Spanish fritter called buñuelos, and all sorts of cookies and delicious things. And the best part is it’s not a take-out deal; you can sit down, order what you want with some fresh juice or coffee, and just hang out until you’re ready to go. However one should be precise in what one is ordering- we learned that when asking for coffee it is assumed you want coffee with milk. I (through Manu) asked for a black coffee and when the woman brought it over she said something about “blessings for death” with it. Admittedly it was pretty black, but still…

It seems Colombian people like their sweets, which is why I joke that they are hummingbirds. For breakfast today we had bread and hot chocolate, and this is normal. And this is no Swiss Miss nonsense, it actually tastes like chocolate and is a bit thicker. You can buy condensed milk for all your sweetening needs in tall tubes like diner ketchup. You can also get dulce de leche in bags with frosting tips at the local mini mart. It doesn’t quite seem like a refined sugar sweet tooth though, more of a fondness for sweet things in general. And I am totally down with that, and all the bakeries waiting to swipe my bus money as soon as I can order on my own.


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