street smarts

So Fischerspooner was sweeet, although I thought they had broken up, which would explain why it was only Mr. Spooner and this other woman (who did most of the mixing), but wikipedia seems to think they are still together. They played at a “posh” (for Bogotá, so just sort of normalish for the US) club that was on the roof of a little place near lots of other nightlife whatnot, and it was pretty lively for a wednesday. Spooner made the unfortunate choice to down about half a bottle of Aguardiente (“burning water,” and disgusting according to Manu) and coupled with the altitude he ended up super shwasted and changed some lyrics to just “dance motherf*ckers dance motherf*ckers!” which the crowd loudly approved of, and I imagine they actually understood as compared to some of his other ramblings. They were less excited about them finishing up around 1:30 am, to which he replied “this isn’t a live show, this is a DJ set bitches!” The party continued however, but we decided to take a taxi home since it had been a long day. At night generally people either take a taxi home or stay out until morning when it’s safe to take public transit again.

This seems a good point as any to explain some city layout logistics:

This map is slightly misleading (at least to me) but I am told this is how locals view the city: North is to the right. So carreras run north-south and increase in number moving West, and calles go east-west and increase in number moving out from the center both North and South. An easy way to orient oneself is by looking for the mountains to the East. I think this is awesome because it is very easy to get an idea of where things are just from the address, like any nicely gridded city, and particularly because of how addresses are written.

First you write what street the building is on, the cross street before it, and then the actual building number. So where we went yesterday was on Calle 85, right after Carrera 14, and was building number 46. awesome yeah? Of course there are bits that are not so nicely laid out, such is a sprawling city. Also, as one would expect, the neighborhoods have names and some of the major streets also have names. Like we live near calle 72, but it is usually called Boyacá. Other details: higher economic status places are to the north and north-east, poorer neighborhoods and squatters are to the south and south-east (and general outskirts), and the middle class is in the middle and west. (stratification to be explained later)

so that’s that for today. Now that we have a working oven I am going to drink tea and read while Manu supposedly works.


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