2,600 meters closer to the stars

It’s a little phrase the locals use to talk about their city. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be comforting or sarcastic, in any case, the altitude really hits you when you first get here. When I first got here about a month ago I made the mistake of going out and about to do errands within the first two days of being here. By nighttime I was feeling slightly nauseous and had a horrible headache. Now that it is a month later I have definitely gotten used to the altitude, but I still get out of breath walking up three flights of stairs to my apartment. My hope is that one day I’ll be able to walk up to the scenic Monserrate, which is only 500 meters more!

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2 Responses to 2,600 meters closer to the stars

  1. Maya says:

    Just climb another 10 meters a day, you’ll be there in no time. Well, maybe 25 meters a day..
    I love adventures, I’m so stoked to be able to live vicariously through yours. Tagging along in the backseat ;)

    • Manu says:

      Thanks. I definitely have been doing a lot of walking. With that kind of plan I’d be able to walk up the mountain in 20 days.
      Glad you’re enjoying yourself. We’ll post as often as possible.

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