Necesito una copia, estufa, y lavadora

Woah so I made it through customs, despite the officer speaking almost no english, was gathered at the airport, despite the massive throng of people and my non-functional phone, and survived my first day in Bogotá.

My first impression of Bogotá is that it is somewhat of a cross between Los Angeles and Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. Like both it is low, feels a little bit spread out, and sort of has that “dusty-dirty city feel” that is not quite the same in new york or other cities. It also doesn’t feel that old. Like LA, it is warm despite being winter and the little drugstores/paper stores/mini-marts/bakeries just packed with things are reminiscent of MacArthur park or Koreatown. Like Ulaanbaatar, the drivers are crazy— sometimes the roads have lane lines, sometimes they use them— and much of what I’ve seen of the city is, ah, not in the greatest condition, although there are lots of nice little parks I’ve noticed. I like it; I’m stoked to someday know how to get around. And to adjust to the altitude.

Yesterday we bought a washing machine and stove so currently I am waiting at home for them to be delivered since Manu had to go out and about very early. My adventure for the day was walking to our local internet/paper place to make a copy of the receipt so the delivery people can take one. I had the “Necesito una copia, por favor” down, but when it came time to pay I was not really sure what she said and did the typical tourist here-is-a-handful-of-change-take-some thing. Oh well, give it time.


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