You’re going where? Why?

So I have a four and a half hour layover in JFK, but that’s ok because at least I know for sure my bags will make the connection. Appreciation to the airport guy who waived my overweight bag fee. However apparently I looked somewhat pale stumbling in this morning because he said, “nervous? I’d be nervous if I was going to Colombia.”

Which brings me to today’s thoughts on don’t-let-people-discourage-you.

My school’s study abroad coordinator had similar misgivings and inquired if I, “chose Colombia because I wanted somewhere with an international drug trade but decided Mexico was too dangerous.” Not exactly helpful or demonstrative of any open-mindedness on his part, and that doesn’t seem quite fair to Bogotá. Regardless of the bad rap, wikipedia and the CIA world factbook say good things like: it is known as the “Athens of South America” because of all the libraries and universities and that it is one of the thirty largest cities in the world (I know, size != safe, but that is to say that it is a global and functional city). Also, Colombia supposedly ranks 9th in kidnapping countries now, Iraq being the current kidnapping capital. (in just the U.S. it’s Phoenix, by the way). Oh and I also hear Colombian Spanish is the “purest,” so that’s a plus right?

But all that doesn’t matter that much. I mean, maybe I wouldn’t recommend going just anywhere, but I think people can be overly cautious when considering non-standard travel plans. (same for non-standard educational detours…) Anywhere can be dangerous if you’re not careful. So, don’t listen to worry warts, and don’t give papaya.

Many thanks to my parents, who are concerned only about as much as they would be for me moving anywhere out of the country. :)

</today’s lesson>

<airport groovin’>

Robot Kolch – Hard to Find

MSTKRFT – Easy Love

Kolsch – Loreley


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